1998 In Administration of the President of the Russian Federation the Application is sent to
President of Russia El'tsinu B.N. from Beljaeva V.M. living...
transferred(handed) by 26.01.96 me To Office of Public Prosecutor of the Russian Federation
and Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow the application on the facts of illegal transfer of
J.Luzhkov of budgetary funds and compulsions of the commercial organizations to
list(transfer) means for construction of the Temple of the Christ of the Savior. Further put it was
transferred(handed) in УЭП the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs, therefrom in ОЭП 3-rd
Department of Internal Affairs, then in 6 РУВД, further 08.04.96 it is
transferred(handed) in ОЭП 1 РУВД вх ¦ 277, further it is not known. Probably inspectors knew,
that me will clean(remove) and were afraid for the lifes, therefore of investigation got rid. Me
really would kill earlier and easier, but I addressed to deputies of the State Duma, and have
acted on this business Лужкова at assembly of members of a party(set) " Дем. A choice of
Russia ", and directly me to clean(remove) obviously not could. First me wanted to kill also as
special services Luzhkova have killed 1.03.91 of deputy Mossoveta J.I.Maksimova. Whether
then to it(him) have poured 2 л. Vodka (on мед.анализу) and with the broken head have put at
night in underground transition. Recently you probably read, as L.Rohlina all over again wanted
to clean(remove) also. In РУВД in March of 96 of me why that have asked I drink sometimes, but
doctors have forbidden to me, about what I and have told.
Therefore in May - June of 96 to me
applied психотронное influence.
First influenced from May, 1 till May, 12 96. I was beforehand ready to everything, and I hardly
but transferred very strong influence, but the wife should be kept and even at night, she(it) was
torn to a window to be thrown out about 9 floors. Though any family reasons was not because
May, 7 was 25 years of joint life, May, 9 - my birthday. After May, 12 at us repair of an apartment
was, extraneous people worked and психотронное influence did not apply. But after repair
influence again began. 3 - го June 96 I have addressed in embassy of USA for protection. There
to me have told, that under the law they can not do(make) it. But after the
reference(manipulation) in embassy психотронное influence has decreased. By then
re-elections of the mayor of Moscow also were finished. It is probable, that me tried to
clean(remove), that I did not prevent elections Лужкова. All this time noticed behind itself
"tails" from special services.
"Tails" has learned to calculate earlier. In 90 - 91 (till August of 91)
When was deputy Mossoveta from " Дем. Russia ", in 94 - 95 when created party(set) ДВР, and I
was a member политсовета МГО ДВР then there were "tails", but киллеров among them was not.
In 97 - 98 years I did not supervise investigation of affair Лужкова, the wife hardly was ill and in
one year has died, then half-year the son of a hepatites hardly was sick In, there were at the
son two strange failures. All this can on is casual, and I am afraid for the son, therefore it is
more in these affairs not лез. But now, recently began to notice again "tails". Obviously, it is
connected to the beginning of Olympiad in Moscow, objectionable special services Luzhkova
supervise all or destroy. Therefore I declare that now at me enough health to not die casually,
financial, room etc. has put or problems at me are not present i.e. to kill me, my son and mum
except for Лужкова there is nobody.
Now Лужков will aspire in presidents. Also more actively will start to clean(remove)
objectionable, can also your people. Can it is not casual from you has run away Шахрай, can
also other your employees will run. I think, that up to an autumn you should express the future
candidates in presidents (at all one you) whom are ready to support. And those candidates who
harmful to the country. Лужков it is dangerous not only to Russia. Not only for Ukraine and
Lithuania, it is possible for all world. We remember as Лужков was hidden in August of 91 (" was
engaged хозяством, not by a policy(politics) "), in September of 93. And what boorish (if not it
is worse) the politician it(he) began now.
Boris Nikolaevich, as to психотронного the weapon. After " August 91 " communistic
financiers were thrown out from windows is obviously психотронное the weapon. At the end of
one summer(years) 96 (or 97г) the employee of embassy of Ukraine in USA was threw out from
a window - probably and it психотронное the weapon. The same probably applied and to wife
L.Rohlina. Obviously with this way arrange autofailures when the machine sharply conducts to
the left. Was in an easy kind at me in 95 г, was at the son this year, was and at princess Diany.
Can actually психотронное the weapon. Be cautious, and in general in your machine it is
necessary to establish as in the plane " a black box " with other functions.
And still. Special
services like to make the crimes 1 - го numbers. As already spoke March, 1 91 deputy
Mossoveta was killed. In 1987 I was on business trip (in March) in Чимионе Ouse. ССР, local
have warned, what May, 1 there will be powerful collisions, but Russian will not touch, but snow
May, 1 has dropped out (Allah has interfered?) And then June, 1 the Uzbek family already was
killed and have fallen down on турок-месхетинцев. Also the President of Sweden U.Pal'me was
killed the first.
Be cautious. Yours faithfully Beljaev V.M.
Management of the President
of the Russian Federation On work with references(manipulations) of citizens ¦ А26 - 22-121042
109559 Russian Federation. МоскваТихорецкий б-р, 14-1-35
Беляев V.M., that your
reference(manipulation) which has acted(arrived) addressed to the President of the Russian
Federation, is directed on consideration to Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow. The adviser
of a department of letters _____________ Brusov S.D.

To the director of FSB V.V.Putinu from Beljaeva V.M.
living 109559, Moscow, Тихорецкий б-р,
д.14, кор.1, кв35.
I Ask to lead(carry out) investigation of a crime of Luzhkova
Jury Mihajlovicha - the mayor of Moscow as the customer of murder of me, my family the
subordinated special services after transfer to Office of Public Prosecutor of the facts of
plunder of budgetary funds of Moscow and compulsion of the commercial organizations for
payment constructions of the Temple of the Christ of the Savior.
1. In May, 1995 after the
reference(manipulation) to deputies of the municipal Duma automobile failure when I was itself
behind a rudder was arranged to me.
2. In May - June 1996 before re-elections of the mayor
were attempts to kill me and my wife (the appendix 1).
3. After repeated submission (in July,
1998) Applications on investigation of the specified affair of Luzhkova J.M. (the appendix 2),
December, 2 at 19 in an apartment has rushed the grouping under a kind of gangsters, has
connected and has beaten the son (the appendix 3), threatened, in part have plundered an
apartment, obviously waited for me, but that day I have come later than usually.
In more detail,
with reduction of witnesses the application will be expanded at the beginning of investigation.
23.12.98 Beljaev Vladimir Mihajlovich.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Answer from FSB.

Dear Vladimir Mihajlovich! We inform, that your reference(manipulation)
which has acted(arrived) in Federal security service, it is directed on an accessory(a
belonging) to Office of Public Prosecutor of Moscow, with the request to inform you about
results of consideration.
The reviewer (signature)
December, 28, 1998 ¦ - 8089


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